25 09, 2023

Did we Boomers have it better?

2023-09-26T14:34:03-07:00September 25, 2023|Investing|0 Comments

CONTRIBUTED TO SBINSIDER BY  DOUG CARDELL Ph.D. I've read a lot of comments lately by young people about the rising cost of housing, food costs, and stagnant wage rates. They talk about how much better the 'boomers' had it. While it's true that inflation-adjusted housing costs have risen [...]

22 09, 2023

Taxing Corporations? Impossible!

2023-09-24T11:10:15-07:00September 22, 2023|Education, Investing|0 Comments

VIA SBINSIDER INSIDER ECONOMICS GURU Doug Cardell Ph.D.| September 20th, 2023  Almost every day, someone asks me about taxing corporations. The majority are in favor of higher corporate taxes. Sadly, most don't understand what it means to tax corporations. Taxing corporations is impossible. Corporations have no money that [...]

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