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10 07, 2024

A Republican Platform that Anyone Can Read

2024-07-10T10:25:06-07:00July 10, 2024|Politics|0 Comments

VIA SBINSIDER NEWS\ANALYSIS |July 14th, 2024 Usually, party platforms run hundreds of pages long and the hard-core activists on the platform committee are the mechanics of the documents who fight over every comma and subheader. Party nominees inject their operatives into the process (with veto power) to make sure [...]

9 07, 2024

Tracking your Mail-in ballot

2024-07-18T17:21:56-07:00July 9, 2024|Pinal News|0 Comments

VIA SBINSIDER REPORTING| July 14th, 2024 There a several on-line sites that you access that can aid you in your voting process. One of the most important is being able to track you mail-in in ballot. As ballots arrive in the Pinal County elections center they are verified and [...]

7 07, 2024

Fireworks, Food Mark HOT July 4th

2024-07-07T15:13:19-07:00July 7, 2024|SaddleBrooke News|0 Comments

VIA SBINSIDER REPORTING| July 7th, 2024 A big crowd surrounded the HOA1 driving range July 4th evening for a night of pyrotechnics. Parking lots were jammed with parents and kids as the Catalina denizens were invited to enjoy SaddleBrooke largess and celebrations. Temperatures were about 105 degrees at sunset [...]

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