Secretary of State Fontes Defies the Election laws

ARIZONA FREE ENTERPRISE CLUB| June 14th, 2024 Arizona Voter Rolls Contain 500,000 Unqualified Voters. We’re Suing to Clean Them Up. Last Friday, the AZ Free Enterprise Club filed a lawsuit in federal court against Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes for failing to comply with the National Voter [...]

Pinal News

Pinal County Businesses Can Apply for Refund

VIA AZFREE NEWS| June 14th, 2024 by Matthew Holloway | EDITORS NOTE: This tax was passed by the Pinal County Voters in 2018 and contested by the Goldwater Institute. It was intended to increase funds for roads.  The owners of the businesses that power the economy of southern Arizona are about to see some long [...]

SaddleBrooke News

HOA1 GM Coffee Highlights Fungi, HOA2 Voters Approve Assessment

VIA SBINSIDER REPORTING| June 11th, 2024 The monthly coffee and cookies meeting with HOA1 General Manager Vivian Timian featured updates on current projects in the common areas and a serious warning about the invasion of Witches Broom. Witches Broom is an aggressive fungus which stresses trees and bushes wherever it appears. It does not necessarily kill the host but is unsightly-it has a granola appearance on most plants. (photo above) "The infection is generally carried by the tools of gardeners and landscaping crews from one site to another. The implements get coated with the fungus at an infected site and when used at new site, the infection is easily spread," said Patrick Hughes the head of common area maintenance. "It is important for crews to clean their equipment between jobs, which is not hard to do but not part of their normal procedures,  "he added. EDITORS NOTE: For detailed information on this infestation click this link: Witches Broom This infestation is new and is as pernicious as mistletoe, both of which Hughes' team try to eradicate as soon as it is discovered. Residents need to check with their own landscapers to make sure they are washing their [...]

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