17 02, 2024

Why Even Democrats Should Care About the “Cooked Intelligence” Russiagate Scandal

2024-02-17T08:44:12-07:00February 17, 2024|Politics, Uncategorized|3 Comments

The last time we let "sexed up" intelligence guide policy, we were led to war in Iraq. The 2017 Intelligence Community Assessment caused America to declare war on itself. VIA SUBSTACK, By Matt Tabbi, February 15th, 2024 Former CIA directors George Tenet (left), and John Brennan (center), and Gina [...]

3 02, 2024

Football, Floyd and Fentanyl 

2024-02-04T14:53:43-07:00February 3, 2024|Politics|0 Comments

VIA SBINSIDER OPINION| February 3rd, 2024 Floyd really could not breathe  This past week, three Kansas City Chiefs football fans were found dead in the backyard of a home they had rented to watch the Chiefs play the Ravens in the AFC championship. The temperatures were below freezing that [...]

27 01, 2024

Is the 2024 Electoral Fix Already In?

2024-01-27T08:27:45-07:00January 27, 2024|Politics|0 Comments

VIA SBINSIDER AND RACKET NEWS MATT TAIBBI| January 26th, 2024 The fix is in. To “protect democracy,” democracy is already being canceled. We just haven’t admitted the implications of this to ourselves yet. On Sunday, January 14th, NBC News ran an eye-catching story: “Fears grow that Trump will use the [...]

30 12, 2023

Worst Political Predictions of 2023

2023-12-30T10:02:18-07:00December 30, 2023|Politics|1 Comment

CONTRIBUTED TO SBINSIDER| December 30th, 2023 — President JOE BIDEN: Housing and rental prices are going to come down. (It hasn’t happened yet and housing costs are driving overall inflation.) — Former Russian President DMITRY MEDVEDEV: “Civil war will break out in the U.S.” and after the conflict, “ELON MUSK [will] win [...]

22 12, 2023

Saving Democracy by destroying it?

2023-12-22T10:23:07-07:00December 22, 2023|Politics|3 Comments

VIA SBINSIDER POLITICAL COMMENTARY| December 23rd, 2024 One of the strangest arguments that was used during the Vietnam conflict (Congress never declared war), was that the US Army, was destroying South Vietnamese villages and hamlets “in order to save them”. This obtuse logic was that it was better for [...]

17 12, 2023

Hobbs discovers Arizona’s southern border

2023-12-17T13:39:48-07:00December 17, 2023|elections, Politics|1 Comment

VIA SBINSIDER COMMENTARY| December 17, 2023 Governor Katie Hobbs this week finally decided that the Arizona border with Mexico was leaking like a sieve with illegal immigrants and stamping her foot, decided she was going to do something! She ordered the Arizona National Guard to start assisting Border Control and [...]

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