14 06, 2024

Secretary of State Fontes Defies the Election laws

2024-06-14T12:06:15-07:00June 14, 2024|Politics|0 Comments

ARIZONA FREE ENTERPRISE CLUB| June 14th, 2024 Arizona Voter Rolls Contain 500,000 Unqualified Voters. We’re Suing to Clean Them Up. Last Friday, the AZ Free Enterprise Club filed a lawsuit in federal court against Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes for failing to comply with the National Voter Registration Act’s (NVRA) mandate [...]

10 06, 2024

Hobbs Being Investigated by Attorney General

2024-06-10T10:16:22-07:00June 10, 2024|Politics|0 Comments

By Daniel Stefanski, Arizona Free News | June 10th, 2024 Arizona legislative Republicans are readying the wheels of accountability and oversight after a bombshell report concerning a state department under the governor’s purview. This week, the Arizona Republic reported on the Arizona Department of Child Safety “approv[ing] what amounts to a [...]

8 06, 2024

Stagflation Part Two Dr. Doug Cardell

2024-06-08T13:15:30-07:00June 8, 2024|Investing, Politics|0 Comments

VIA SBINSIDER ECONOMIC GURU DOUG CARDELL, Ph.D. | June 8th, 2024 Stagflation – Part 2 In part 1, we found that the administration, along with the Congress, are the primary culprits in the increasing possibility of stagflation. The reckless spending of borrowed money has always had this sort of [...]

1 06, 2024

Mexico’s Covert(?) War on the US

2024-06-01T13:12:49-07:00June 1, 2024|Politics|0 Comments

VIA SBINSIDER NEWS ANALYSIS\OPINION| June 1, 2024 Reading the statistics, especially of the past 4 years and no disinterested reader could honestly say that Mexico has NOT deliberately been attacking the sovereignty of the US. The wholesale invasion on our southern border is not an accident or mistake, nor [...]

24 05, 2024

Hope and Change 2008

2024-05-24T10:24:20-07:00May 24, 2024|Politics|1 Comment

VIA SBINSIDER NEWS\OPINION |May 26th, 2024 In the 2008 campaign for President, Obama’s team used the tag line “ Hope and Change”, which energized American voters who were weary of foreign wars started on false pretenses and a disastrous crash in the housing market directly caused by government nonchalance regarding home [...]

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