Mona’s Danish Bakery, a Great Danes Delight!

Cheese Danish


Now that is a Cheese Danish! With breakfast treats at Mona’s Danish Bakery, we enjoyed a specially cooked breakfast, a Cheese Danish, Spinach and Feta Cheese Quiche, a cinnamon treat, and an apple turnover. Fresh treats enhance the cooked breakfast.

From bakery delights including coffee cake, cookies and cinnamon and apple kringles, you will find much to love. It definitely tastes like Denmark. The fresh-baked breads include pumpernickel, whole wheat breads, challah, and sourdough bread.  Hosting an event for a crowd? We saw several people leaving the bakery with large orders of tasty treats from Mona’s Danish Bakery. These orders were ordered ahead for that special event.

The cheese Danish originated in Austria. Austrian bakers traveled to Denmark and shared their pastry secrets. The Danes changed the fillings. Instead of fruits and nuts preferred by the Austrians, the Danes introduced a sweetened cream cheese.  This led to a worldwide favorite, the Cheese Danish.

Denmark has long had a reputation for being the origin of pastries. However, the term “Danish” is a type of layered pastry where butter is folded into the dough to create a flaky, delicious product. The Danish method is used in various types of pastries all over the world.

Travel to Mona’s Danish Bakery to get that old world taste, enjoy breakfast or brunch, or hot or cold sandwiches made with their specialty breads. For a real international experience, try Mona’s Plate, a combination of Norwegian smoked salmon, hard boiled eggs, tomato, cucumber, calamata olives and a Danish favorite, Havarti cheese. In your mind, it is like traveling to Copenhagen for a sampling of Smorrebrod.

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