Dana Lewis Alerts Mail Voters to Buff Color Change


Dana Lewis, Pinal County Recorder and Elections Director alerted the public that there is a typographical error on the directions for mailing back your ballot.

“We had three sets of eyeballs reviewing the ballots and all three missed the color change, ” responded Lewis to a message from SBINSIDER. “Our goal was to differentiate our ballot from the green that we used last election and which is currently still in use in Maricopa county. ”

Republicans, who have real primaries, were alerted by Lewis on the elections site and Republican County Chair Belinda Rodriguez by email as to the change. Rodriquez wrote “The Early Voting Ballot return instructions ask that you return your ballot in a “GREEN” return envelope but the color of the return envelope is “BUFF” color.

Voters are urged to send in their mail ballots or drop them off at one of the Pinal County drop boxes. For SaddleBrooke the nearest box is a the Pinal County Justice Center in Oracle.

The actual voting day is July 30th.

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Sharon Walker
Walker Sharon
13 days ago

Really is this the best we can do? Everyone raves about Dana Lewis, I don’t think so. This is one way to lose an election. And we better have a lot of poll chalengers in Maricopa County. You can bet that the Dems will be outing full force.

Sharon Walker
Sharon Walker
13 days ago

Another thought….vote in person. Who knows what else has been screwed up.