Wadsack Recall Fails, SaddleBrooke Democrats spread election disinformation

VIA SBINSIDER | September 10, 2023

A recall of State Senator Justine Wadsack effort that caused a mild dust-up at the SaddleBrooke HOA1 clubhouse, has fizzled. Democrat organizers failed to turn in ANY signatures of the required 30,981 needed to force a recall election. Apparently, the extremely low number of signatures (if any) that were collected where so embarrassing that the organizers declined to submit anything.

SBINSIDER reached out to the organizers for comment but no response has been received.

Last month, Wadsack was voted Freshman Senator of the Year by her peers. She already has a declared Democrat opponent, Amy Fitch, who is a pro-abortion advocate.

Former State Senator Vince Leach is also challenging Wadsack in the Republican Primary.

SaddleBrooke Democrats Spreading Election Disinformation

The Democrat party has perfected the art of telling half-truths in the age of Trump, from the Russian collusion hoax (funded by Hillary Clinton as confirmed by the New York Times) , the “fine people” hoax regarding the march in Charlottesville, VA  and so on and on. Not surprisingly this technique has filtered down to the grass roots level in SaddleBrooke. This email was obtained by SBINSIDER which was sent by the SaddleBrooke Democrat club and contains several false statements:

  • The previous Pinal County Elections Officer, Geraldine Roll, a Republican, quit in protest, stating in her open letter of resignation that she could not work in an environment where she is not supported by her boss, and the climate is pushing her to conduct elections unfairly and with bias toward Republican candidates.
  • Pinal County is one of a majority of AZ counties who have lost their experienced Elections Officers due to perceived corrupt forces trying to persuade or threaten them to bias elections toward Republicans.
  • Pinal County has not been able to find a new Elections Officer in Arizona, and has finally reached out of state to hire someone who will both, conduct elections as they would like, and follow the law at least as far as it will keep them out of jail.

Facts are:

  1. That Ms. Roll is not a registered Republican and her reasons for quitting focused on a lack of support from the County Manager and the Board. She did say that she was receiving negative feedback from Republican and Democratic activists, but never said or wrote anything remotely close to the idea that she was being forced to do anything unfairly toward either party. Ms. Roll still works for Pinal County in another capacity.
  2. A majority of Arizona Counties have NOT lost election directors. Several (Yuma, Cochise) have retired or moved to work in other Arizona counties or to the Fontes Secretary of State office.
  3. No Pinal County official has said anything about going out of state to hire. Also, no one in any Arizona elections offices has been accused of any wrong doing.

Besides being the party of disinformation, the Democrats want speech codes, forced pronouns, gender dysphoria\ ambiguity and open borders. Plus, their leader Biden is at 39% approval, (CNN poll) the lowest ever recorded of any President at this point in their term of office.


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Gloria Wolf
9 months ago

I thought Pinal County does have an elections director, from Arizona with experience.