Desert Life has a Burglary, Political Signs at Mtn. View, Seal Coating


Opioid drugs are a prime target of thieves and were the likely target when our local Desert Life Pharmacy suffered a break-in the early morning hours of June 27th. The pharmacy operations were disrupted for part of the day.

Desert Life has a been a very positive and welcome addition to our community and provides a tremendous benefit to our residents.

SBINSIDER will seek out the police reporting for a fuller story in a future issue.


Political Signs at Mtn. View Parking

On Saturday the Republican Club sponsored a breakfast event for candidates vying for wins in the upcoming primary balloting. The headliners were the candidates for Congressional District 6, Juan Ciscomani and his challenger Kathleen Winn. Ciscomani trounced Winn in the 2022 primary but thinks she is more conservative and owes it to the voters to try again.

Mark Lamb spoke as a Senate candidate. Kari Lake was invited, but did not appear as her campaign has likely calculated that Pinal County is Lamb country and not worth the effort.

It was  a ticketed event and catered by the staff at Mtn. View.

Lots of other primary candidates were there too, and a plethora of law signs were placed in the common areas near the parking areas causing some residents to complain to the HOA2 board that these displays should not be allowed. None of the signs were permanent and all were removed by the end of the event.

Damage from Seal Coating Process

One of the hazards of parking away from your home for seal coating is the risk that where you park could be subject to damage. And that is what happened to one resident of Unit1 who moved his vehicle to Ridgeview Blvd. Upon returning to his truck the next day, he discovered that his drive’s side mirror had been struck by what appeared to be the passenger side mirror of a passing vehicle. The person who struck the parked vehicle did not leave a note, just parts of his own mirror.

It would be a plus to the resident in future road coatings that the Patrol wait until later in the evening and place orange cones behind the last vehicle to alert drivers that cars and trucks are parked ahead, which is unusual for Ridgeview.

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