Wadsack Recall Supporters and Opponents “chat” at HOA1 Lobby

VIA SBINSIDER| August 9th, 2023

The Democratic Club of SaddleBrooke has scheduled multiple times at HOA1 Clubhouse to collect signatures in an effort to recall State Senator Justine Wadsack. The first attempt was Wednesday morning, August 9th. According to Vivian Timian the General Manager of HOA1, the CCR’s of HOA1 allow petition signature collection in the right-of-ways and near the entrance to the Club House. When the organizers contacted the HOA1 for space reservation the decision was made to allow the table to be set up inside the lobby due to the extreme heat. SBINSIDER spoke to Vivian Timian and she said that she decided to allow an inside table setup as “ We had a choice between a safe event inside or possible ambulance run if done outside in the heat.” 

UPDATE: The HOA1 Management told the petition gathering team Thursday (the 10th) to move their table to the outside of the Club House. 

During the event supporters of Wadsack (LD-17) confronted the signature collectors over several issues that Wadsack supported such as the banning of filming pornography inside school sites. (Democratic Governor Hobbs vetoed that bill. ) The other point of contention was whether parents should be notified by the school administration if their child wants to a undergo a sex change. The Democrats consider this as akin to a minor seeking an abortion, which means the parents should not allowed to interfere. Conservatives generally believe that until a minor is emancipated, parents have the final say on all health care decisions for their children. Wadsack also sponsored bills that further restrict school reading material and drag queen performances, both of which are cited on the recall Wadsack website.

According to the Arizona Revised Statutes, (Ariz. Const. Art. VIII, pt. 1, § 1A.R.S. § 19-201.) the recall must gather 25%  of all votes cast at the last election for all candidates for office held by that elected official which for LD-17 totals 30,981. The time limit is 120 days (September 5th) from the time the application for a serial number with the Secretary of State. From the time the signatures are submitted, the County Recorder has another 60 days to complete signature verification. If all those requirements are met, then the recall election will occur on the first consolidated election date that is at least 90 days in the future.

Given the obstacles to actually getting to an actual recall election being held, this effort smells like a Democrat Party means to weaken Wadsack ahead of the 2024 general election in November next year, not remove her from office before that election. Click here to review the recall website. 

Wadsack not only has this activity regarding her election, she is also being challenged by former Senator Vince Leach whom she defeated in a Republican Primary in 2022.

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Ron Bechky
Ron Bechky
9 months ago

Glad you wrote up this important event. Too bad you failed to detail the multiple issues for which Wadack is under pressure, especially election denial.