Pinal Sheriff Lamb formally announces bid for US Senate

SBINSIDER |April 14th, 2023

As predicted in SBINSIDER  March 7th, Sheriff Mark Lamb has formally announced his intention to challenge for the US Senate seat currently held by Kirsten Sinema. Sinema, we recently declared she was no longer a Democrat (she still caucuses with the Democrats and has retained her Senate committee assignments) but is an independent, already has a challenger from sitting Congressman Rueben Gallego a Democrat representing Arizona’s 3rd district. Gallegos has called Sinema a sell-out to corporate America and not a true progressive.

2024 promises to a crazy year all-around the country but Arizona maybe the state where control of the US Senate and the White House could be decided.

Lamb has picked a political unknown, Ross Teeple, as his successor. It is rumored that current county supervisor, Kevin Cavanaugh will declare for Sheriff. This would open his seat to newcomers in Pinal County District 1 which is western Pinal county including the city of Maricopa. (The 1st district wraps around the city of Casa Grande)

Lamb surprised many people by declaring he had seen “no evidence of election fraud” that he could act upon. He was specifically referring to Pinal County, not Maricopa.

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