Sheriff Lamb picks his replacement


According to emails sent to the Gold Canyon Republican club members, Sheriff Mark Lamb has firmly decided to run for US Senate. In addition, he has endorsed his replacement, Lt. Ross Teeple as his heir apparent.

Lamb, a well know media figure has been Sheriff since 2016 when he defeated Steve Henry, who was picked by former Sheriff Paul Babeu to take his place when he ran and subsequently lost a Congressional race to O’Halleran. Lamb ran unopposed in 2020. During his tenure, Sheriff Lamb has been an outspoken critic of Biden’s border polices while also appearing on many TV shows related to law enforcement. Many admirers have favorable compared Lamb to the TV character, Sheriff Longmire. Lamb suffered a huge personal loss in December when his son, his son’s fiancé and their infant child were killed by a reckless driver in Gilbert.

The US Senate seat is currently held by Independent Krystin Sinema who is on the ballot in 2024. Sinema was a Democrat until January, 2023 but left it because her voting record angered the radical Left-wing of the Democrat Party. Democrat Congressman Ruben Gallegos of Arizona’s 3rd District, has already announced his campaign for the Democratic party nomination. Other candidates on the Republican side have made noises about running but none has formally announced.  Sinema will have monumental barriers to raising money as the Democratic Party donation apparatus will be shut down to her. Lamb, while not personally wealthy, has access to a nationwide audience of donors with the Trump supporters likely to open their wallets to him.

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Lisa Henderson
Lisa Henderson
1 year ago

Best wishes Sherrif Lamb! The world needs more folks like you and I believe you will be a blessing to our country. Keep up the fight and blessings to your family!