Pickleball has a “picklebrawl”

VIA SBINSIDER  SOURCES| April 20th, 2024

A short scuffle ensued at the pickleball courts this week with the result that one member has been banned for a year from competing.

According to eyewitnesses who asked that their names not be used for the story, reportedly two men playing on the same side of the court got into a dispute as to who had the primary claim to a ball.

A short verbal confrontation ensued between the two players. One player, reportedly the older of the two, turned his back to resume play and the other player then physically pummeled him from behind.  After a few moments the players were separated.

According to club members, the aggressor has been banned from the pickleball facility for a year.

It is possible that the player who was assaulted could press charges, but contact with the Sheriff’s department has not yielded any information.

This confrontation is highly unusual in SaddleBrooke in that older players in any sport, are still highly competitive, but are wise enough to realize that arguing with officials, or against the competing teams over balls and strikes, line calls, and rules violations is a zero sum game. The object of participating is to play and win if possible, but to have fun, exercise, enjoy the outdoors and spend time with friends.

The most prominent assault prior to this incident happened at the HOA1 fitness center when a resident physically confronted a HOA1 patrol officer, who did press charges and the attacker was ordered by the court to attend classes as an alternative to confinement or fines. 

Enjoy these great pickleball highlight points :

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