Fitness Center Assailant update, HOA board elections


Charles Woehr, accused of assaulting a SaddleBrooke Patrol officer in June, has had his prosecution deferred as of 8/24/2023. This information was gleaned from the online database publicaccess that the state of Arizona maintains.

In Arizona, deferred prosecution pauses a criminal case while the defendant completes a rehabilitation program and pays any restitution. If the defendant successfully completes the program, the charges will be dismissed. If unsuccessful, the prosecution will resume and any statements the defendant made can be used against them.

SBINSIDER will continue to follow this case and discern what type of rehabilitation program was ordered. Woehr was banned for 6 months from the fitness facilites and fined

The case is been adjudicated in the Oracle Justice Court under the auspices of Justice of the Peace, Ellie Brown.

Elections to HOA Boards

Both elections produced surprise results to those who closely monitor our governing boards. In HOA1 Tony Muscat, a vigorous and engaged volunteer was defeated in his bid. The two winners were Joe O’Conner a newcomer and Les Alacantara a long time volunteer for the association.

At HOA2, the surprise was the loss of incumbent Campbell Chaney. Speculation is that his failure to meet with the board of SaddleBrooke United might have caused this rift. The elected members are Chick Kill and Larry Santora.

Pooches on the Golf Course HOA2 

At times, the process works! Residents of HOA2 have for years agitated for the freedom to walk their beloved pet dogs on the golf cart pathways. So, just in time for Thanksgiving, dog lovers can add dog walking on the cart paths as part of their life experience in SaddleBrooke.

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