Kari Lake as Hamlet? Hunter Biden, 2nd Amendment proponent?

VIA SBINSIDER| September 17th, 2023

While Trump and Biden both careen toward a rematch, Arizona’s own Kari Lake cannot decide, as per Hamlet, to be or not to be, in terms of running for US Senate. As the loser of the Governor’s race in 2022, Lake is well positioned for taking another stab at running for another state-wide office due to name identification and a strong affinity with the Trump voter. However, despite her lack of political credentials, Lake seems to be fence-sitting just in case former President Donald Trump reaches down from his lofty perch and condescends to make her his VP pick. It is the consensus of SaddleBrooke Republicans that Nikki Haley would be their preferred VP choice for obvious reasons, and was borne out in the recent polling at the SaddleBrooke GOP club straw vote. 

Lake has the advantage of time in that she can wait until the very last minute, likely March of 2024, to decide to actually run in Arizona for Senate or hold out for the better date with the current resident of Mar-a-Largo in Florida.

National reporting virtually ignores Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb who is all in for the US Senate race. 

So what happens if? The polling data indicates that Lake would stroll to the Senate nomination but unless she has learned from her last defeat, pivoting to the general may be a challenge.

Hunter Biden and the 2nd Amendment

Republicans and conservatives might be experiencing schadenfreude hearing the news that Hunter Bide was indicted on Federal gun law violations. It is likely he will be convicted of something of a lesser charge. The question of whether his father, President Biden will pardon him is grist for the media mob, especially in the face of a looming election. Biden could choose to wait until the election and pardon Hunter in the wake of either defeat or victory in 2024.

There is a bigger question. That being, is the underlying law, that being that a person who is an active narcotic user (courtesy of his own laptop which was NOT Russian disinformation) must tell the truth on the firearms application is constitutional. His lawyer, a very bright man named Abbe Lowell, has raised the constitutional issue as part of Hunter’s defense. In fact, because Hunter Biden, at the time he purchased the gun, was not a convicted drug user, how is even the ATF’s business to ask the question?

In the view of SBINSIDER, the SCOTUS should take a close look and rule the ATF form and it’s questions unconstitutional. Hunter Biden is a grifter and druggie, but the law should not punish a man for crime for which he has not been convicted.

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