Recorder Lewis wows with details, Trump triumphs again, Haley gains ground

VIA SBINSIDER| September 12th, 2023

Dana Lewis, Pinal County Recorder, held forth for about 25 minutes in a staccato-style presentation to the SaddleBrooke Republican Club. Held at the Mt. View ballroom with the usual poor acoustics and sketchy AV equipment, Lewis nonetheless convinced the attendees that Pinal County elections may have had its problems in 2022. but long working hours, new staff  Lewis at the helm should obviate the problems for 2024.  Following her multi-media presentation, Lewis took questions and identified the main problem child county, Maricopa.

SaddleBrooke did have its own problems, particularly the August 2022 primary, which may have cost incumbent Senator Vince Leach the election as residents could not vote due to a lack of printed ballots. Leach promises a re-match next August against fellow Republican, Justine Wadsack. 

The next voting opportunity for SaddleBrooke is March, 2024 with the Presidential Primary Election.

Trump Wins Again

In a Presidential straw poll of the attendees, Donald J. Trump continues to defy gravity by coming out on top by a wide margin. SaddleBrooke Republicans surprisingly loosely mirror the national polling results. In a prior straw poll held in June, Trump lead by 50% to 38% for DeSantis. This week Trump increased his lead over all others with Trump at 59% and DeSantis at 30%. Nationally, Trump is at 57% and DeSantis 18%.

Head to head with President Biden, Trump has a such a slight lead that is within the polling margin of error. But the swing states are the key in every Presidential election and according to this week’s Newsweek poll:

Trump is edging out Biden in seven key states according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted online from September 8 through September 14. In the poll, which gathered responses from 4,413 American adults, Trump led with 41 percent to Biden’s 35 percent in Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Nevada and Michigan.

The SaddleBrooke poll also asked which candidate would you prefer for Vice-President. Here are the results:

Haley 41%

Lake 14%

DeSantis 11%

Scott 8%

Haley would bring to the ticket her experience as a Governor, UN Representative and her gender. It is a long way until November 2024, Trump has four trials to endure and in every cycle things we do not anticipate always occur. As Trump likes to say, we’ll see.

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