Biden Won’t Quit -Can Democrats Force Him Out?


President Biden had several excuses for his performance in the debate. The immediate excuse offered was that Biden was suffering from a cold. The next excuse was “jet lag” although he had been in the US for 12 days, a more than adequate time to recover from travel. Then the campaign added the explanation that Biden was “overprepared” for the debate.

Approximately 50 million people watched at least the beginning of the debate and Biden hit the gate in slow motion-he genuinely looked all 81 years old and the polling post debate confirmed that an overwhelming number of all voters responded that he was too old for the job.

The lingering question is can Biden, in addition trying campaign, has to run the country with the obvious degradation in his mental acuity?

At this point, most Democrats in leadership have not made any public moves to push Biden out. They are laying low to see if Biden can recover any ground in the polling, before taking any moves to remove him. The best website to track polling is Locally, Congressman Raul Grijalva has called for Biden to step aside and few others. When will the Arizona media put the question to Governor Hobbs or wannabe Senator Rueben Gallegos?

The worst sin of this situation is that the legacy media reporters knew how badly Biden had deteriorated  from 2020 and even at that point 4 years ago, they noticed his decline but failed to alert the American body politic for the obvious reason that they all hate Donald Trump. Their hatred was enough for them to ignore and conceal the truth about Biden’s capabilities. Now it is so clear as the condition of Biden that they are scrambling to find another candidate to replace Biden. The media is thrashing about on how to fix their mess and Kamala Harris is not their first pick.

Biden’s facial appearance in the debate was of a chalk-white stiff man. Three days later, he apparently hired Donald Trump’s makeup crew because he now sports a deep tan, as if the public is too disengaged not notice the sudden transformation?

Most local conservatives are in agreement that Biden is done, but would rather see him stay in the race for strategic reasons. \

Also, Biden had a magical transformation from debate night to the following Monday:


Douglas Murray on the Biden fallout (14 minutes)

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Immunity for Presidents

No matter who is President he\she should not be concerned that any action take in an official capacity would open them to criminal prosecution-so says the SCOTUS. Never before in American history has a former President been legally harassed by the succeeding administration-but Trump seems to break new norms in many ways.

Despite all the hand-wringing from the usual Leftist’s the smart people on both sides know that this decision was a good one for the country. Recall that Barack Obama killed Anwar Al-Awlaki.

Alawaki became the first U.S. citizen to be targeted and killed by a drone strike from the U.S. government. U.S. government officials have stated that al-Awlaki was a key organizer for the Islamist terrorist group al-Qaeda. Awlaki was placed on the CIA kill list and many civil rights groups went to court to stop this, but they failed.

Now the lower courts will have to parse what is an official act as opposed to a personal one. This will take years as it is complex but much needed.


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