Mexico’s Covert(?) War on the US


Reading the statistics, especially of the past 4 years and no disinterested reader could honestly say that Mexico has NOT deliberately been attacking the sovereignty of the US.

The wholesale invasion on our southern border is not an accident or mistake, nor is the estimated 100K deaths per year from illicit fentanyl traffic. Approximately 9 million illegal crossers into the US have been encouraged by Mexico with the welcome acquiesce of the Biden administration in the past 3 years.

This policy is not overt. Like Putin’s Russia, Ji’s China, North Korea’s Kim and Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei their official governments have not taken a vote and declared war.

But like all the rest of the world’s miscreants, war is being waged by Mexico nonetheless and the cost is staggering, not only in terms of human lives but in the billions of dollars in health care, food, housing and more.

Make no mistake, Mexico could shut down the flow immediately but its leaders claim its constitution requires “free movement” of all citizens. Ignoring the glaring fact that the people from Nigeria, Venezuela, China etc. are not Mexican citizens.

When the President of Mexico was confronted on this issue, his retort was that the US allows thousands of illegal weapons to flow south to his country which keeps the cartels in business and we are not doing anything to stop it. And that there would not be drug trafficking unless the citizens of the United State were not creating the demand.

Mexico is our number one trading partner. Wall Street and Fortune 500 types who hide behind the capitalist label in this country turn a blind eye to the concomitant problems and are complicit to the open border because they want the cheap labor and nearly non-existent regulatory oversight that the US burdens our domestic producers.

The truth is the drug cartels control the border and the Mexican government. Murder is rampant, especially of aspiring politicians. Just this past week, two more candidates for mayors in Mexico were killed, bringing the number to 17 so far!

But, do we in the US ever hear about this? Nope, it does not fit the narrative of what we want our top trading partner to look like.

Put simply, the porous lawless border is not seen as a real problem by the elites or the Biden administration. Biden’s team sees it as simply a political problem. Meanwhile, another 100k or so will die from unwitting ingestion of fentanyl and another 3 million new Democrat voters will cross into the US.

And people wonder why Trump has a chance of winning in November?

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