Worst Political Predictions of 2023


— President JOE BIDEN: Housing and rental prices are going to come down. (It hasn’t happened yet and housing costs are driving overall inflation.)
— Former Russian President DMITRY MEDVEDEV: “Civil war will break out in the U.S.” and after the conflict, “ELON MUSK [will] win the presidential election.” (This didn’t happen.)
— LARRY KUDLOW: “It looks like Trump will not be indicted” in Manhattan. (The news of Trump’s indictment in Manhattan broke an hour later.)
— A whole lot of people: “There will be a recession in 2023.” (We were all wrong, thankfully.)
— KEVIN McCARTHY said he was “a thousand percent” confident he would be speaker for a full two-year term. (He was ousted after less than 10 months.)
— MICK MULVANEY: Florida Gov. RON DeSANTIS’ presidential campaign launch on Twitter Spaces is “genius.” (It wasn’t.)
— NY Times writer ROSS DOUTHATNIKKI HALEY’s presidential candidacy will be less viable than MIKE PENCE’s. (He’s gone, she’s still in the hunt.)
— ANTHONY SCARAMUCCI: “I think [Trump] ends up eventually dropping out of the race.” (Trump is still running.)
— BEN SHAPIRO: Business for “Barbie” is “just absolutely going to fall off a cliff” after its first week in theaters. (“Barbie” was the highest-grossing film of 2023.)
— TOMI LAHREN: “[O]nce DeSantis announces, the Dems will throw Biden out and pick GAVIN NEWSOM.” (Even with the “genius” announcement on Spaces, this did not happen.)
— MICHAEL MOORE: “We will not have to wait till 2024 for the Democrats to regain control of the United States House of Representatives.” (Republicans still control Congress.)
— MICHAEL McKENNA: “[VLADIMIRPUTIN will leave office, dead or alive, volitionally or otherwise, before the end of the year.” (He’s still president and planning his next term.)
— JOE CONCHA: “I would think probably within the next couple of months, we’ll see a pivot to JOHN KIRBY as the White House press secretary.” (KARINE JEAN-PIERRE is still White House press secretary.)
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Stewart Fleisher
Stewart Fleisher
5 months ago

I liked your predictions, but they are always difficult when they relate to the future. I was worried about 2024, so I went to a fortune teller who gazed into her crystal ball and said, “I will answer two questions for one hundred dollars.” And I said, “Wow, a hundred bucks – that’s pretty expensive isn’t it?” and she said, “Yes, it is. What is your second question?”