What to do with the letter from the Pinal Recorder


If you are on the Active Early Voting List, you should have received a letter from Dana Lewis, our Pinal County Recorder. In layman’s terms, being on this list means that you get a ballot in the mail, which you can fill out and mail back to the Recorder or drop-off in one of the secure ballot drop boxes located across the county.

For 95% of SaddleBrooke you can toss the letter, assuming you are at the same address as last election, and plan to be in SaddleBrooke this July 3rd, when the ballots drop for the primary elections. Oh, and you still want to vote by mail.

Arizona state law requires that the letter you received must be mailed 60 days before the next ballot drop so you can make changes if necessary.

Residents often think they must take an action. As stated earlier and in the letter, doing nothing is often the best choice, but just in case!

SBINSIDER asked a few neighbors what they thought of the letter. One said “I am glad to know that the Recorder is checking with us.” Another thought “It is a waste of money, and the responsibility of the voter to make sure they are either on or off the list.”

Many SaddleBrooke residents are out of Arizona during summer and must let the Recorder know, if they want their ballot sent to an alternative address. To contact the Recorder, dial 311 from any phone within Pinal.

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Barbara Barr Bengen
Barbara Barr Bengen
12 days ago

Thanks for clarifying this! We had to read the letter twice because “do nothing” was not one options mentioned! We thought this could have been a little clearer!