What is the voter base in SaddleBrooke? Mostly Red

VIA SBINSIDER | October 16th

Not many folks are aware of the voter registration for the 3 precincts that encompass SaddleBrooke HOA1 and 2. While the lawn signs might be indicative, the real numbers are herewith displayed in the following chart:

How SaddleBrooke voters are registered.

The rounded percentage breakdowns are:

  • Republican 44%
  • Prefer Not to Disclose (PND)  19%
  • Democrat 26%
  • others  11%

And by raw numbers:

  • Republican    4,345  
  • Prefer Not to Disclose   1.850
  • Democrat  2,552

The PND Prefer not to Disclose choose that registration in order to avoid political mailers etc. Survey data shows that PND’s tend to favor the majority vote in their area, which explains the heavily GOP vote turnout in past elections.

For the real political nerdy types, you can find out more about Arizona Elections here:

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