Redistricting dominates SB Ranch Republican meeting


The Saddlebrook Ranch Republican Club held a panel discussion last Wednesday, August 18th at its regular monthly meeting. The meeting began at 3:30 pm and was going strong at 5pm. Questions were taken by the panel and the topic that dominated was the Independent Redistricting commission process and what voters could do to make their voices heard. Senator Vince Leach lead the discussion and gave a detailed report.

Dan Culver, President of the club urged all in attendance to register on the redistricting site so they are able to post comments and draw lines on an interactive map where each voter can design what the lines should be for their district.

Said Culver, “The stakes here have enormous importance to the state of Arizona and for the conservative movement with very small legislative margins in the Senate and the House.”

Featured Panelists were :

Kevin Cavanaugh – District #1 Pinal County Supervisor

Douglas Wolf – Pinal County Assessor (Moderator)

Shelia Muehling – AZGOP – Treasurer

Vince Leach – AZ Senator

For more information on how you can get involved, contact Rick Knapp at ri*********@gm***.com

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