United SaddleBrooke Survey Results


United SaddleBrooke has been busy as an organization of late. Earlier this month, an email survey was returned by 1187 residents with 662 from HOA2 and 452 from the Villas.

The results: Overall 55% favored unification. 19% need more information, and 17% were against unification.

The group is working toward a framework for what they believe will be a merger of the two separate HOA’s for SaddleBrooke. The group believes there will be cost savings with one management structure and better promotion of SaddleBrooke as a preferred destination for retirees.

SBINSIDER contacted Maureen Van Dorn, (520) 419-6698 or ma*****@sa***************.coma long time top-producer in the real estate industry, about the assertion that current homeowners are negatively impacted regarding resale or appreciation of their homes. “In my years of experience, not one buyer has expressed any reluctance to purchase a home due to the split nature of HOA’s, ” Van Dorn said. ” With the RUA in place for 8 more years and the 5 year renewal afterwards, the buyers have no reluctance,” she added. “Buyers do express a preference for owning in the Preserve, if they are in the market for a higher price range home.”

United SaddleBrooke has a group exploring the cost savings aspect and plans to present its findings soon.

Interviewing HOA2 prospective Board members

Besides the survey, the group has interviewed prospective board member Terry Marchione and posted this to their website:

Several US Board members met recently with Terry Marchione. He impressed us with his intelligent, pragmatic approach to government, as well as his fiscally conservative outlook. While he stopped short of an outright endorsement of US, he did express a positive interest in an eventual merger, recognizing the current obstacles. He also said much could be done short of a merger, which is our view as well. We believe he would make an excellent addition to the HOA2 Board.

For more information on the group, visit www.unitedsaddlebrooke.org


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