United SaddleBrooke Determined to promote HOA Board Candidates

VIA SBINSIDER| September 16th

Both HOA1 and HOA2 are seeking candidates for their respective boards. HOA1 needs 3 candidates and HOA2 is seeking 2. The job is not an easy one, but because our  associations are self-governing organizations it is imperative the those who are best able to deal with budgets and potholes step up to the plate and volunteer. Usually, the elections feature a dearth of candidates due to the work it entails and the lack of pressing issues on homeowners minds.

Not so this year. HOA1, which is in excellent financial condition, has a board that is generally biased against any substantial movement toward merging with HOA2. There are many reasons for this stance, most prominently is the financial health of HOA1 vs HOA2 which is struggling with its golf operations. There is also the issue of a private vs a public club. Many HOA1 residents made their purchase based on that premise and like it that way, especially when it comes to golf. Said golfer Alan ” We like the availability of tee times as it is and if more players were allowed, residents may not get to play as often.” Third, many HOA1 residents see no compelling need to make any change as there is are no outstanding issues between the two associations. Jim Daily, HOA1 board member has public stated and published his opinion in the Communicator “no merger”.

HOA1 has 3 spots to fill. Daily has not committed to running again for another term and the other two board members are termed out. The deadline to file is September 30th. HOA2 has two open positions.


One organization that has plans to run a slate of candidates for both HOA’s is United SaddleBrooke. According to the latest blog posting on its site, United SaddleBrooke is actively seeking candidates who share the vision of a single, unified HOA. This was a statement sent to SBINSIDER on their quest:

    United SaddleBrooke is currently searching for qualified candidates to endorse for the elections of both HOA Boards in November. We are seeking capable individuals with a commitment to the unification of SaddleBrooke, via dramatically increased cooperation between the two Associations. Above all, we seek candidates who believe in operating their HOAs openly and transparently, and soliciting input from the community at large.

        Once having located such individuals, United SaddleBrooke intends to employ the full weight of its organization of more than 600 supporters to promote their election. We need new blood and fresh ideas in SaddleBrooke, and we need them now.

In response, several current HOA1 board members remarked that anyone is welcome to run but “they have to bring more to their duties than a single agenda item.”

United SaddleBrooke will host a candidates event at HOA1 Coyote Room on October 2oth. 


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