Town Hall to ponder $250K for a new Community Center

VIA SBINSIDER| August 25th, 2023

A crowd of about 80 residents attended the Coffee with GM event today (Friday) at the HOA1 clubhouse. Vivian kicked off the meeting by introducing Patrick Hughes who is the HOA Maintenance Manager who provided insights into his job and his personal background. Vivian also alerted the crowd that the HOA1 board has proposed spending $250K for the next budget on starting fees to build a new Community Center. The budget will be reviewed in November and a Town Hall is likely to be held a priori for the purpose of reviewing the plans and to garner resident input.

Vivian also related that 58% of our HOA fees are for cost of labor and the minimum wage adjustment promulgated later this year by the State of Arizona will affect our wage structure. With inflation still high, the likelihood is an increase.

The remainder of the meeting was devoted to questions from the residents and elicited the following responses:

  • Request for more striping at curbs and other walking areas
  • Comcast is finishing unit 9 and heading to unit 12. All tunneling work is scheduled to be concluded by October 1st.
  • Emergency evacuation plans are being reviewed. Residents were encouraged to register their information at the Pinal County PENS system for alerts. 
  • October 14th is set for the Health Fair at Mountain View
  • Roadrunner project on schedule to be completed in October
  • Tennis patio shade is likely to be split into two shades to ease usage
  • Monument Signs are painted, waiting on lettering from vendor

Board Members Katherine Sartoris, Donald Taylor,  Jo Ann Ellison and Tom Swikowski  also attended the meeting.

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Linda Crookes
9 months ago

Where are they proposing to build the new Community Center?

Sharon Walker
sharon walker
9 months ago
Reply to  Linda

The are going to tear down the arts and craft center and rebuild. I don’t know where these people will go in the meantime. Apparently they are no calling it a community center. I’m sure this will be done while the snowBirds are gone. Leaving the rest of us to figure things out for ourselves.

John Fulton
John Fulton
9 months ago
  • Comcast is finishing unit 9 and heading to unit 12. All tunneling work is scheduled to be concluded by October 1st.

Please elaborate , all tunneling or just the tunneling for units 9 and 12?


Sharon Walker
sharon walker
9 months ago

Mean while the Board pretends to be interested in curb appeal but does nothing about it. Most of the units need attention ie cable boxes, electrical boxes and internet boxes. They clam they can’t do anything about them. They are a weak group of people with no imagination. I, myself at least talked with Trico about their ugly decrepit boxes.