Thief hits Gift Shop

VIA SBINSIDER | November 18th

Somebody decided that the two flags which adorned the outside of the gift shop, a State of Arizona and a US flag, were theirs to purloin. Recently, upon the arrival of the volunteer staff, the flags were discovered to be missing.

Usually, the flags are taken inside the shop at close of business, but one day that procedure was missed and voila’ the flags were taken. As of this posting, the USA flag had been repurchased but not the Arizona flag.

Package Theft Alert

Tis’ the holiday season and the number of delivered packages being left at front doors make easy pickings for casual thieves. According to the SaddleBrooke Patrol, people have been reporting missing deliveries. Amazon does an amazing (no pun here) job with its alerts to your smartphone and email that a package has been delivered. But, being alerted does not help much if you are working on hitting that perfect tee shot or bobbing in the pool as you cannot always rush to the front door to secure your order. Even with a Ring camera system the thieves can use a bit of disguise and the chances of being caught by Sheriff Lamb’s team if reported are pretty much close to zero. And with the volume of packages increasing daily due to the holidays, you cannot predict when the packages will arrive.

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