Theft ring reported in SaddleBrooke


Sources close to the Saddlebrook patrol that a serious rash of thefts have  occurred recently in SaddleBrooke.

According to the reports, an organized ring of thieves pilfers the equipment from the trucks of the landscapers when they are working in the rear of a property.

“This ring is hitting the people who can least afford it, said a patrol member. Worse, they (the landscapers) are not reporting the thefts to the Pinal County Sheriff’s department, as they assume nothing can be done,” the patrol added.

Some of the landscapers have recorded the serial numbers of the stolen equipment. The most likely place the crooks will try and sell the equipment is on websites like Craig’s list. 

SBINSIDER contacted the Sheriff’s department for comment but had not yet received an answer.

Customers of the landscapers victimized were considering creating a GOFUNDME account to raise money to help reimburse those losses. “Not only did they lose their equipment, now they are unable to complete their work for SaddleBrooke residents” the patrol added.



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Deborah G
Deborah G
1 year ago

As Saddlebrooke residents we need to be good neighbors and keep an eye out for suspicious activity. With the snowbirds gone things are quiet now and thieves know.