The Left’s Drive to End Women’s Sports


Title IX was passed in 1972. At that time, approximately 95% of all money for sports in college and high schools went to men’s sports. At that time, it seemed to be the natural order of things because very few women at that level were interested in participating. The real interested female athletes channeled their energies into cheerleading and maybe gymnastics.

Most of the top female athletes in the pre-Title IX era who participated in the Olympics, World Games or tennis trained via private clubs with personal coaches.

Althea Gibson (tennis) and Babe Didrikson (golf) were early female pioneer athletes in the US. Women, by the way, were allowed to compete in the Olympic Games beginning in 1900.

With the spread of affluence in the US, the economic barriers to mass female participation went away. The Democrats in Congress, having momentum and gaining female support, passed Title IX and tried but they failed to pass the Equal Rights Amendment-a sore point for the Left to this day.

Today, we are witnessing the astounding spectacle of the Left promoting the idea that sports should be gender neutral and that trans-men be allowed to compete with against biologically inferior women. That might sound harsh, but the truth is, no woman on earth now or ever, has been able to run as fast, lift as much weight, or throw a baseball at the same speed as a man anywhere close to the top male athletes.

Segregating the sexes is sensible if for no other reason that it protects the female players from injury. A male on a women’s volleyball team severely injured a female competitor with a kill shot to her face. When faux-females compete against the top women they win. Riley Gaines has made a career out of her losing to a male in swimming. (The balancing beam in gymnastics might be an exception-but that has to do with male anatomy not physical ability.)

Dr. Renee Richards

You might be surprised to learn that this attack on women athletes is not really new. The first shot was fired in women’s tennis. In 1975, Dr. Renee Richards a top notch athlete who could not beat the best male players transitioned to female. She then sued to gain access to the WTA and a court allowed her to compete. She did pretty well, with a 2nd place finish at the US Open in doubles. As a coda, in her dotage she reassessed her competing with women and admitted that had she been younger when she transitioned, no female at the time could beat her.

The Phony Martina Navratilova

Fast forward and gay former tennis player Martina Navratilova condemns the alarming rise of faux-women competing in women’s sports. The media has to report her protest as Martina was a leader in coming-out as gay 35 years ago.

But hold up! Martina hired Dr. Renee Richards as a personal tennis coach after Richards had retired. They worked together for several years before parting. The question to Martina is why was it OK for Richards to compete against women then and just recently you recognized the threat to women’s sports? If men started entering women’s tennis events in large numbers, no women would be on the courts when the money is being made.

The Remedy the Left Wants

The transgender cultural debate is another way for the activist Leftists to monetize their latest victim. Without victims, they have no emotional appeal to the empty-headed Liberals-who dutifully open their wallets to the latest victimhood scam. They are grifters in the same as Black Lives Matter, NOW, the Southern Poverty Law Center etc. etc.

But the true-believers think society and the law should not recognize sex distinctions at all-this utopian fantasy only has traction in a society that has exhausted all other avenues of victimhood.

Count President Joe Biden as a willing cheerleader for this nonsense.

Arizona Law

In March of 2022, Governor Doug Ducey signed two laws. One required that participants in sports play with the people of their same sex. Ducey also outlawed transgender “healty care” for the purpose of assisting gender transition for minors.

A Solution?

To those who want zero sex-based differences in sports, I propose that men should take the challenge and eliminate all sex-based sports. If that happened, very, very few women would be on any team, in any sport.

Imagine the outcry! It would pit the true-believers against their former sisters-in-arms. It would be fun to watch the cognitive dissonance happening in real time.

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