Tennis Courts to be Refurbished


Courts 12 and 13 at Mt. View that are no longer playable due to cracks in the playing surface are scheduled to be replaced in July. The courts have not been in use for nearly 3 years. The original construction was poured asphalt with a special coating for tennis courts. Shifting ground under the courts created the cracks.

At a meeting of the HOA2 Board of Directors, the option were presented by one vendor-Elite Sports Builders the same vendor which recently resurfaced the tennis courts at HOA1  and built the new PickleBall courts in Bobcat Canyon for HOA2.

The main discussion was on the cost. Less than a year ago the HOA2 Board was presented with a proposal for the same work at an estimated cost of $160,000. Due to hyperinflation in the construction business, the new cost is about $330,000. Comments from the Board members reflected the increase but voted to go ahead as the cost of not rebuilding is predicted to keep increasing. Tennis players from both HOA1 and 2 spoke in favor of the project. Additionally, it was mentioned that 2 courts at the Preserve are scheduled to be converted back to Tennis courts in June,  after having been used for Pickleball pending the completion of the new Pickleball facility.

Elite proposes to lay the new concrete surface over the existing asphalt with a water barrier between the two. This will raise the playing surface about 6 inches making adjustments to the wind screen and other court attributes necessary. The style of construction is post-tension which prevents ground movement from affecting the playing surface. The contract includes a 5 year guarantee.

Construction is scheduled to begin in July, pending availability of materials and labor.


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