Spook Light Legacy to mystify SaddleBrooke


The Community Circle Players (CCP) are presenting a murder mystery written by Joh Mann. In brief, the plot revolves around the inheritance of the Spook Light Hotel. The hotel is a family heirloom of over 100 years. A son and a daughter are invited by the father for a family gathering to determine who shall inherit. The twist is, neither is truly deserving or grateful for the gift.

Eleven people are needed to fill out the cast and auditions are scheduled for January 3-4, 2023. The show will run 7 nights in March 2023, and if past is prologue, (from the Tempest) will sell out very quickly.

HOA2 Board Money Needed

The Mountain View Ballroom will be the venue, and its sound system deficiencies are obvious to all who have attended events there. Accordingly, the CCP and many SaddleBrooke residents have put in a request for an upgrade at a cost of approximately $32k. In order for the upgrade to occur, the HOA2 Board of Directors must approve the expenditure at its November meeting. Besides benefiting the CCP, many events are held there where residents with hearing aids can link directly to the proposed new sound system.

SBINSIDER will update our readers as the time gets closer for auditions.


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