Social worker Gov. Hobbs vs. GOP Legislature


Vetoes that are hurting the poor

It has been many years since Arizona had a Democrat Governor and both Houses of the Legislature in Republican hands. Albeit a slim majority in both houses-a single vote-the Republicans have for the most part have hung together passing bills that Democrat Hobbs is forced to veto.

Food Tax

One bill that should animate Democrats is her refusal to sign legislation ending the sales tax on food and rental payments. This bill could have brought some relief to those Arizonans on the lower end of the economic scale who, in these unprecedented times of “temporary inflation” (Joe Biden, 7-19-21) has persisted above 6% monthly for nearly 2 years. The party that supposedly represents “working families” has a Governor that is on record making them poorer.


Earlier in the session, the Republicans sent a budget bill to the Governor’s desk which maintained the current spending levels plus increases for the Biden Inflation. Vetoed. That could lead to a very long session where the Governor refuses to accept the fact the all spending is approved by the legislature.

Tent Cities

Republicans sent the Governor a bill making it illegal for squatters to set up tents or tarps in public spaces, taking over parks, school yards etc. Veto.

Critical Race Theory

A hot culture war topic is the teaching of topics defined as Critical Race Theory (CRT). This is an issue that cannot easily be explained in a paragraph, but the philosophy behind CRT is a spin-off of Marxist dogma. The sleight of hand the Left uses is to change the argument on class struggle to (which has mostly failed in the US) to race consciousness. The bill would have prohibited this topic generally, from being taught in the K-12 schools. Vetoed.


Hobbs is a degreed social worker and brings her political philosophy to the Governor’s office which is the legacy of class and race struggle. Her worldview is America was founded on a lie and built by slavery, which is our collective sin. It is a worldview that is getting traction, in that Democrats keep telling their voters that they are victims of capitalism and it is the duty of elected officials to redistribute wealth via taxation, discriminate based on skin color and generally create a “perfect society”. Which can only be accomplished by coercion, which leads to tyranny.

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