Sinema shocks the DC Establishment

VIA SBINSIDER | December 9th

Senator Krysten Sinema always know to be an independent thinker, has told Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer that she is no longer going to be identified with the Democrat Party. Sinema becomes the 3rd sitting Senator to declare her status as an Independent. The others are Angus King and Bernie Sanders. However, all 3 do caucus with the Democrats in order to gain committee assignments and Schumer assured Sinema that she will keep her current assignments.

Sinema has been a rogue vote for the Democrats, especially on the issue of keeping the filibuster in place. Many Leftists Democrats see that position as heresy and clinging to an outdated position which blockades legislation on several important issues such as gun control. Sinema has reminded those critics that someday the Republicans will be back in the majority and will regret voiding the filibuster. History would back her thinking. Senator Harry Reid when Majority Leader, reduced the approval for Federal Circuit Court judges from a 60 vote margin to a simple majority. In turn, Senator Mitch McConnell reduced the margin for Supreme Court Justice nominees to a simple majority, enabling President Trump to appoint 3 justices, cementing the majority for Republican appointed justices.

The most vociferous critic of Sinema comes from her fellow Democrat Congressman Rueben Gallego D-7. He has repeatedly called her out repeatedly for not kowtowing to the Senate leadership and has already put in place the steps for challenging Sinema in a primary in 2024. This switch throws that plan into complete disarray, assuming Sinema runs again which she has not confirmed.

The “Primary Sinema” political action committee issued a scathing statement:

“Today, Kyrsten Sinema told us what we’ve already known for years: she’s not a Democrat, and she’s simply out for herself. For the last year, we’ve been laying the groundwork to defeat Kyrsten Sinema because Arizonans deserve a Senator who cares about them, and not special interests. In one way, Sinema just made our jobs easier by bowing out of a Democratic primary she knew she couldn’t win. Now, we’ll beat her in the general election with a real Democrat.”

Arizona’s state Democratic Party, which has expressed disappointment before in Sinema’s positions, said her decision “has shown she answers to corporations and billionaires, not Arizonans.”


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Ron Bechky
Ronald Bechky
1 year ago

Yes, Sinema has been a real problem for Shumer and the Democratic agenda. There was little chance she would be able to win a 2024 primary. The issue here is that, if she runs as a 3rd party candidate, she’d likely turn the seat over to a very conservative Republican probably an election denier.