Senior Softball opens new season in SaddleBrooke

VIA SBINSIDER| January 2023

Softball players getting their game face on for opening day

On a beautiful, clear and calm day the “boys of  summer” took to the field to begin the winter season.

Softball has been a fixture of SaddleBrooke since 2005 when it was first played off campus. Today with about 200 participants, SaddleBrooke has its own field, viewing stands and equipment storehouse. The field is juxtaposed to the Dog Park in HOA2 and near the Edwin Road entrance to SaddleBrooke.

The players are not age or sex segregated with one player, who refused to give his exact age, pushing the high 80’s if eyes don’t deceive. The players have a fun time and spectators certainly get their money’s worth.

A complete game schedule can be found at this link on their excellent website with photos of many of the players. The cost to to join varies depending on the season and your level of participation. 

Jim Ward, triple threat ballplayer

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