Senator Leach supporters file Lawsuit to Void Election Loss, Voter suppression claimed


Senator Vince Leach has filed a lawsuit to overturn his loss to Justine Wadsack in the newly draw LD-17. Leach is not the actual plaintiff, that would be Mr. and Mrs. Ed Davis. The legal basis for the suit is the Arizona Constitution Article VII, section 15 which requires the candidate to be a “qualified elector of the political subdivision or municipality in which such person shall be elected.” The Davis’ claim is that Wadsack was not a resident of LD-17 when elected on August 2nd.
LD -17 covers most of SaddleBrooke and SaddleBrooke Ranch. Leach is a SaddleBrooke resident (HOA2) and has represented this area for 10 years in both the House and Senate. Wadsack ran as a trio of candidates for LD-17 Senate and House as the “American First” team.
The attorney of record filing the suit is Tim LaSota who is an attorney with a track record of legal practice in political disputes. He has worked for a Scottsdale mayor as chief of staff and was an attorney (special assistant) on the staff former state Attorney General Andrew Thomas. 
UPDATE: Vince Leach has filed a 2nd lawsuit with Pinal County claiming that many voters were disenfranchised in several SaddleBrooke precincts when they were denied the right to vote due to the lack of ballots.
SBINSIDER will update its readership as this story unfolds.
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Leiann Anderson
Leiann Anderson
1 year ago

No requirement to live in the district.