Secretary of State Candidate Ugenti has a snit


Not even five seconds into her speech at a rally to support former-President Trump and his agenda is when the boos and catcalls began for Arizona State Sen. Michelle Ugenti-Rita.  

She lasted at the podium for 75 seconds before she hustled off stage like a comedian who had bombed her set. 

The event, hosted by Turning Point Action – the fundraising arm of pro-Trump organization Turning Point USA – took place at Arizona Federal Theatre in downtown Phoenix on July 24, and all Republican candidates for the governor, secretary of state and U.S. Senate races were invited to speak. 

Ugenti is running in the primary campaign against Mark Finchem LD-11 from Oro Valley. Both candidates have colorful histories with Ugenti being very open about her goes-both-ways sexuality and Finchem is prominent for attending the January 6th riot in Washington D. C. Finchem claims he committed no crimes and did not enter the Capitol building.

According to a court deposition filed on behalf of  the Representative Don Shooter, the lobbyist claims that Ugenti-Rita and Brian Townsend, a former staffer for Gov. Doug Ducey, sexually harassed her by repeatedly propositioning for a three-way sexual encounter. The lobbyist claims Townsend sent her nude photos on more than one occasion. The lobbyist also believes that Ugenti-Rita knew of them. Ugenti-Rita has confirmed that she was the person featured in the nude photos, but claims she didn’t know that Townsend sent the photos, and that it was a source of difficulty in their relationship, in the months prior to their marriage.

Townsend is Ugenti-Rita’s husband, and the lobbyist who levelled the accusations was a former staffer of Townsend.


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