Scam artists, Water issues, RoadRunner on the Agenda this week in SaddleBrooke

VIA SBINSIDER | December 5th

Confidence Men Revealed

SaddleBrooke residents can take the opportunity to get up to speed on two issues that affect all of us and one that is for our seasoned citizens-scam artists.

On Tuesday, December 6th, you can take part in a presentation that focuses on investment scams that plague Arizona at present. The speaker is Terri Alexon and works for you and all citizens at the Arizona Corporate Commission Securities Division.  The presentation starts at 9AM and will be held in the Coyote Room in HOA1. Seniors are targeted because they might have money and are vulnerable to scam artists who are exceptionally good at gaining people’s trust. They are also sociopaths, meaning they have no sense of empathy with victims and feel no regret taking other people’s hard earned money. (EDITORS NOTE: Two excellent movies on con men are House of Games by David Mamet and Tin Men written\directed by Barry Levinson.)


Later on Tuesday, the HOA1 board hosts a Town Hall style meeting on the plans for RoadRunner grill refurbishing.  The work is scheduled to begin in April 2023 and the projected end date is October.  The meeting starts at 2PM in the Coyote Rooms.


The SaddleBrooke PAC (Public Affairs Commission) will host Jeff Gawad who works for us at the Arizona Department of Water Resources. He will cover the long term drought the entire western part of the US is currently suffering and the effect it is having on the Colorado River basin and its users. SaddleBrooke’s water supply will also be discussed.

The meeting is this Friday at 1pm in the Coyote Rooms. If you have a question that you would like covered at the meeting, send an email to da*****************@ho*****.com 


Every year at this time the Tucson marathon is  held and this Saturday is the lucky day. So, traffic in and out of SaddleBrooke will be impacted from 8AM to about 2PM. The road is not closed but you will be delayed exiting and entering as runners cross the intersections at SaddleBrooke Boulevard and Eagle Crest Ranch Road (which turns into Edwin Road).

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