SaddleBrooke HOA’s negotiate new RUA-Expires October 1st

By Special Correspondent |

The HOA1 and HOA2 Boards are in the midst of renewing their Reciprocal Use Agreement (RUA). The current agreement which covers the use of tennis courts, pools, fitness centers and other amenities expires on October 1st of 2021.

“Nothing will change if the agreement is not renewed by October 1st” the HOA1 board declared at a recent public forum, adding “unless HOA2’s board acts unilaterally to make a change, we will honor the current agreement while negotiations continue.”

HOA1 residents expressed varying views on the state of relations between the two governing boards  at the same meeting. Many reminded the board that HOA1 was a “private” club and did not want to become public as is HOA2. Others asked why negotiations between the two boards did not include a discussion of an eventual merger of the two communities. The response from the board was that that issue was not on the agenda at this point in time.

A subcommittee of the HOA1 board has been meeting regularly with their counterparts from HOA2.

HOA1 Board members are hoping an agreement can be reached by October 1st.




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