Saving Democracy by destroying it?


One of the strangest arguments that was used during the Vietnam conflict (Congress never declared war), was that the US Army, was destroying South Vietnamese villages and hamlets “in order to save them”. This obtuse logic was that it was better for the inhabitants to lose their just-above-poverty housing than have the Communists controlling the village. The displaced residents likely had a different opinion.

Similarly, the Democrat establishment has decided that Donald Trump is so dangerous to the American system of government that it is ignoring the Constitution in order to defeat him. Apparently, saving “Democracy” by destroying it, is the new way of doing politics by the Democratic party.

The state of Colorado elects its Supreme court judges and therefore all are Democrats. In a 4-3 decision, it decided that Donald Trump could not be on the primary ballot because he incited an insurrection that culminated in the riot on January 6th.

How can this happen? Trump has not even been charged with insurrection, let along convicted of any crime. Yet the Colorado Supreme Court decided based on the Congressional hearings that enough evidence has been given to remove Trump from the ballot. The decision is stayed until January 4th, giving the Trump lawyers to file their response.

Many other states are likely to try and follow Colorado’s lead. But the Democrats may have overreached in that conservative states could find some flimsy legal pretext to keep President Biden off their ballots.

President Jefferson effectively kept Aaron Burr off the ballot for the 1804 election by charging him with treason and President Wilson did the the same to socialist candidate Eugene Debs. So this is an old Democratic playbook.

All the pundits have predicted that the Supreme Court of the United States will quickly weigh in and overturn the decision, making it the law of the land that no state can unilaterally decide which candidates for President can appear on the ballot. Still, the desperation that infects the Democrats and their allies is incredible. Trump was already President and no Constitutional provisions were threatened by him. In contrast, Biden has been rebuffed several times by the SCOTUS for his dictatorial moves such as trying to wipe away student loan debts. Yet, Trump is so great a threat that lawfare (and any other device) must be employed to keep him out of office in 2024.

We live in very strange times. 50 years ago, the Vietnam war protestors made the case that the US was illegally intervening in Vietnam as we had never declared war. “Down with the man,” and “trust no one over 30” were the cries. Now, those same protestors are running the country and have decided that being over 30 is great and holding the power “as the man” means 200 plus years of Constitutional order must be throw away.

Where does this end?

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Sylvia E Kirk
Sylvia E Kirk
2 months ago

Nowhere does the Constitution state that one must be convicted of insurrection to be ineligible to run for office. There is ample evidence that Trump caused the overrunning of the capital. If you’re not aware of that, it’s clear you’re reading the wrong media. But that doesn’t change the facts.

Robert Bulakowski
2 months ago

I believe the Colorado Supreme Court members are appointed, not elected. And the cry to keep Trump off their Ballot for “insurrection”, which has not been legally confirmed, makes the accusation merely opinion.