SaddleBrooke Updates-Lago del Oro, Mtn. Lions and new cell tower?

SBINSIDER| July 16th, 2023

Mountain Lions on the Prowl!

Three Mtn. Lion sightings have been reported by residents around the area where you would expect these noble creates to roam. Looking at Google maps you can see the wildland area to the south and east of South Clubhouse Drive which they use to cross in a North-Westerly direction or in the reverse to the open space to the West of S. Winding Trail Drive. While there are few reports of Mountain Lion attacks on humans in Tucson area, in 2020, three Mountain Lions had to killed by the Game and Fish Department because they were feed on human remains near a hiking trailing in the Catalinas. According to experts, that feeding triggered the lions into losing their fear of humans and presented a danger from then on.

SaddleBrooke residents have not reported any attacks either on humans or their pets.

Lago Del Oro?

Residents are still wondering when Lago Del Oro will be completed. According the Pinal County public works department, a sealing coat is still required and then the final lane striping will be finished. Officials are still unsure of when the final work will be completed.

New Cell Tower site being considered

SaddleBrooke resident experience numerous dead cell phone coverage areas. It is particularly acute in two areas: As you drive in from Oracle Blvd the cell coverage drops several times until you are nearly to the Minit Market -if then. The other area is the south side as you traverse Acacia to Lago Del Oro toward Catalina and into Pima County. One proposed remedy would be for a new cell tower to be installed near S. Loma Serena Drive and Acacia into the Loma Serena development (which is not part of SaddleBrooke proper.) The Pinal County Board of Supervisors would have to approve the final location. Residents of Lomas Serena are concerned that the cell tower would detract from their views of the Catalinas and possible health concerns. SBINSIDER will follow this story and let residents know when any public hearings are scheduled.

Minit Market Still looking blah

Work continues at a snail’s pace at the restoration of damage to the facade area of the shopping strip. The primer for painting the facade has been visible for months so maybe the final paint coat is on hold until the repair work is completed. For now, it is ugly.

HOA1 Fitness Center closed 

Starting the 17th, the HOA1 fitness center will be shut down again for refurbishing of both saunas-this includes the lap pool. It is the 2nd time in recent months that the center has been closed, the prior time for new flooring, apparently, both projects could not be handled at the same time? Fortunately, the fitness lovers are reduced due to summer and the RUA allows HOA1 residents to use the facility at Desert View. It is recommended you get an ID from HOA2 for hassle-free access. 

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