SaddleBrooke Streaming Yellowstone thru the Steaming Summer

VIA SBINSIDER| September 17th, 2023

As we suffered through a nasty summer heat wave when everyday it seemed, we were warned of “excessive heat.” Well, it can debated whether the weather  it being affected by carbon emissions (even though all green plant life needs carbon to exist) it was an above normal 2 months of heat. 

As a consequence, most SaddleBrookers remained inside more than usual. And luckily, we live in an age of reliable air conditioning and a plethora of entertainment options. For most of the residents. we collectively recall waiting for the annual broadcast of The Wizard of Oz, as noted in Wikipedia:

 From 1959 to 1991, the showing of The Wizard of Oz was an annual tradition on American commercial network television. During these years (and for several years afterwards), the film was always shown as a television special.

Plus, until the invention of the VCR, we had to watch on the schedule of the broadcasters. No longer, we now time-shift daily-especially to skip those omnipresent commercials for all sorts of pharmaceuticals, and can watch whenever we have time between mahjong, golf and pop tennis. 

Today, we can stream thousands of programs and see movies that are 70’s or more years old on our own schedule. Amazing. In that zeitgeist, SBINSIDER did a poll of streaming series last issue and while the options were limited,  a few daring readers did respond. 

And here are the results: 

  1. Yellowstone 41% 
  2. A 3 way tie! The Sopranos, The Amazing Mrs. Maisel and Breaking Bad. 
  3. Again a 3 way tie, Mad Men, Suits, and The last Kingdom. 

We forgot to list Better Call Saul ( spin-off of Breaking Bad, our bad), and a few others like Turn and The Americans-both excellent series. For a real throw-back series, check out I, Claudius that was a BBC production from the early 60’s. 

Thanks to all who participated and our next poll will be coming soon. 


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