SaddleBrooke Senator Poll Results!

VIA SBINSIDER| December 2022

Although the elections for 2024 are a long way off, we already have a candidate announced for President and this past week, Senator Krysten Sinema filed paperwork to run as an independent, throwing off the mantle of the Democratic party which has been her home for nearly 20 years.

In that view, SBINSIDER sent out an email poll to its SaddleBrooke-concentrated readers to determine their early preference on the Republican side to take on Sinema. The results from over 100 respondents (Thank You) are below:

At 30%, Ducey is the outgoing Governor and has had two successful terms, leaving the state is terrific fiscal shape and passing a host of laws including reducing the top income tax rate to 2.5% after cutting other taxes every year as Governor. He also reduced many barriers to entry for new businesses and recruited major semiconductor companies which are now building billion dollar plants in Arizona. Ducey has not revealed his plans, but his actions indicate that he is eyeing a run for the White House in 2024 rather than the Senate-a White House run makes sense in that executives such as Governors are more comfortable in that role than being one of 100 Senators. He has also proved the ability to appeal to Independents and some Democrats in two state-wide races.

Lake, Lamb, and Robson were grouped at 21, 19 and 18% showing no clear 2nd place contender, and the high showing of Sheriff Lamb is likely be due to his status as a successful Pinal County Sheriff and sometime TV crime show host. He is closely tied to President Trump. Lake is still contesting the Governor’s race and Robson has been mostly quiet since her loss in the August primary against Lake.

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Sharon Walker
1 year ago

Why would anyone vote for Ducey? We need conservatives in the senate and Ducey is a far cry from being a conservative. As Governor he kept our schools closed during Covid and was very reluctant to open them again despite real the science. The same with small businesses. And as for the border……too little,too late.

We are tired of these do nothing politicians.