SaddleBrooke Republicans Host County Candidates

VIA SBINSIDER| April 12th, 2024

The SaddleBrooke Republican Club welcomed about 120 Republicans and 11 candidates to the Mtn. View ballroom for a “speed dating” event. The event was held Tuesday, April 9th.

The candidates were given 3 minutes each to state their case to the group as a whole, and then moved from table to table at which about 10 voters sat. They then  5 minutes to chat with the voters and take questions.

Both candidates and attendees praised the format as it allowed for unrehearsed give and take.

“I really enjoyed meeting the candidates up front and personal, as opposed to campaign advertising, this way you get a sense of the sincerity and honesty of the candidates, said one participant.

Candidate for Sheriff Kevin Cavanaugh, was repeatedly questioned as to why he was suing the county (he said he was not) and why he wanted to dismiss Dana Lewis as elections director. He claimed he was trying to stop “corruption” in the county despite the report from the County Attorney’s investigation finding no basis to Cavanaugh’s claims. Cavanaugh also said that everyone should read his book to “get the full truth.” “He sounded desperate to me on this issue, getting quite animated when pressed on the now-proven false allegations,” said a voter.

Several candidates were asked if they were running as a “team” particularly Cavanaugh and Brad Miller who is running for county attorney against incumbent Kent Volkmer. Both Miller and Cavanaugh denied any linkage.

Ross Teeple is running for Sheriff and has been endorsed by current Sheriff Mark Lamb. Lamb is running for US Senate.

Jeff McClure, running for his 2nd term as County Supervisor stated that he fully expects the county primary tax rate to be reduced this year by 16 cents per hundred dollars of valuation.

The candidates and their offices sought (incumbents listed first) : Kent Volkmer and Brad Miller for county Attorney-Ross Teeple and Kevin Cavanaugh for county Sheriff-Douglas Wolf and Stormy Cox for county Assessor, Jeff McClure and Pete Sabin for county Supervisor-Jill Broussard and Tara Walters for County Superintendent of Schools.

Michael McCord, Treasurer and Dana Lewis Recorder are running unopposed.

Chairwoman of the SaddleBrooke Republican Club Kathleen Dunbar summed up the event thusly: During an election year, SBRC feels it is essential to help our Republican candidates meet our members and our membership to meet our candidates.  Events like this let the members ask direct questions on issues important to them.  

The primary vote is July 30th and the mail-ballots are scheduled to drop July 3rd. 80% of SaddleBrooke voters regularly vote with most of those by mail.

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Sharon Walker
Sharon Walker
1 month ago

The forum was very well done. Kudos to the SaddleBrooke Republican Club.