SaddleBrooke Precincts 77% Ballot returns! Track your Ballot online

VIA SBINSIDER | November 7th

Voting is well underway in Pinal County and all of Arizona (plus many other states) with the ability to get an early vote by mail ballot in many states. Many Arizona residents who are on the PEVL (Permanent Early Voting List)  are hesitant to complete their ballot and then drop it in the regular postal mail, due to perceived problems with the 2020 vote. If you are in that group, you have several options.

First, you can drop your early ballot at one of the boxes. The closest drop box in located in Oracle at the Oracle Justice Court, 1470 N Justice Dr. Or, if you are headed North you can stop in beautiful Florence and drop your ballot at the Recorder’s office located at Voter Registration Dept. 31 N Pinal St. Bldg. E Florence, AZ 85132. The office is open 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday – Friday but the drop box can be accessed anytime.

FLASH UPDATE: According to County Recorder, Dana Lewis, the 4 precincts in the SaddleBrooke area 7,8,15 and 92 have returned 77% of their early mail-in ballots. 

Track Your Mail-in Ballot

Postal mailed or drop box ballots can be tracked online! It takes a couple of days for processing from the time you mail or drop the ballot, but the tracking tool is online at this LINK .When you click the Link, you are taken to the Arizona Secretary of State website. as you can seen below:

Secretary of State ballot tracker form

You need to enter some of your personal data to see the results.

Drop-Box Security 

Pinal County added video cameras to all ballot drop boxes and are recorded\monitored to reduce anxiety that ballot stuffing could occur, which was alleged in 2020 but no one was prosecuted for carrying a large amount. Still, the Board of Supervisors decided the cost to monitor was worth it.


Second, some voters have decided that mailing or dropping an early ballot into the drop box is still too risky. They have decided to take their early ballot to the polling place on election day (Nov. 8th) and ask the poll worker to “spoil” their ballot. The poll worker then physically destroys the ballot and you are handed a fresh ballot. The benefit to this method is that the 2nd vote is counted immediately, whereas a ballot that was sent the voter via postal mail\drop box has to go through the process of having the signature verified and then being added to the count. Those types of ballots can delay the final results as much as a week. In fact, in SaddleBrooke the Supervisor race in 2012 pitting Tony Smith (of Maricopa) vs Fred MacKenzie and Nancy Discher both of SaddleBrooke, was finished the Friday after the Tuesday election with Smith getting 34% and Discher and Mackenzie getting around 30%.

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Barbara Barr
Barbara Barr
1 year ago

Thank you so much for posting the link to check on our ballots.