SaddleBrooke Patrol Officer Allegedly Assaulted

VIA SBINSIDER| June 18th, 2023

A SaddleBrooke patrol officer was allegedly assaulted while in the process of issuing a citation to a resident for running a stop sign. The exact date of the incident is not yet known, but was more than 30 days ago as the HOA1 Board has taken action against the resident involved.

According to sources close to the board, the resident ran a stop sign and the patrol office followed the resident into the Fitness Center at HOA1. When confronted by the patrol officer, the resident allegedly laid hands on the patrol officer. The incident was captured on the security cameras inside the Fitness Center. 

The Board had little choice in the matter. Again, according to sources, the Board fined the resident $250 and told the offender that the facilities were off-limits for a period of 6 months. When contacted, several board members had no comment on the violation or any subsequent actions.

Beyond the Board actions, SBINSIDER staff has learned that the Patrol officer filed an assault complaint with the Sheriff’s office. SBINSIDER has filed a Public Information Request (PIR) with the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office to obtain a a copy of the report.  The results of that citation were not yet available, but this site will post an update when received.

SBINSIDER strongly condemns any use of violence against any other resident or staff of SaddleBrooke.

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Ron Bechky
Ron Bechky
11 months ago

Good reporting