SaddleBrooke Patrol at wits’s end with traffic scofflaws


Sources have revealed to SBINSIDER reporters that the blatant disregard for stop signs and speed limits has reached a crisis point and a new enforcement approach must be taken. According to those sources, SaddleBrooke Patrol conducted unofficial surveillance in unmarked cars at key intersections and were astounded by the roll-throughs and other violations of traffic laws.

“When we are parked in our patrol cars, drivers behave much better, as you would expect. But in an unmarked vehicle, drivers often blithely ignored stops signs, and drive much faster,” reported the source. It is frustrating.”  

A case in point emailed to SBINSIDER was a golf cart driver was in her lane on Ridgeview and a car approached the intersection from the left, ignored the stop sign and nearly hit the cart. Further down the street, the same driver rolled through the next stop sign with barely a nudge on the brakes. To top it off, the car had a handicapped plaque displayed in the windshield! “I could have been the next one handicapped if that car would have hit me, added the cart driver who wished to remain anonymous.

In past, HOA1 has discussed adding speed bumps to SaddleBrooke Blvd. but was not adopted as practical due to bikers and golf cart traffic. Golf carts are supposed to be licensed for public street use to access the Minit Market but that too is routinely ignored.

SaddleBrooke has had few accidents, except the areas around and in the Minit Market. “Perhaps it will take a bad car and cart collision to get more attention, but we don’t want to happen” added the source.

The annual meeting of HOA1 is scheduled for April 27th and residents may hear more at that time.

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Tom Larkin
Tom Larkin
1 year ago

This is the first time I have heard in 28 years that the Mini Market required licensed golf carts. Seems unreasonable since every entry to there is from private streets. Tom Larkin

Dean D Hood
Dean D Hood
1 year ago
Reply to  Tom Larkin

Tom, that is my story also; been her 15 years and this is the first I have heard concerning golf cars. (However, I have been aware that the mini-mart shopping center is not Robson property.) Just consider when you leave Mountainview Dr. turning left onto Lago Del Oro, you will be ticketed by Sheriff’s officers if you drive on the street,north, instead of using the golf cart/walking path provided. (driving a golf car)

Rochelle Davies
Rochelle Winston Davies
1 year ago

I am curious as to where the information was gathered that golf carts are aupposed to be licensed for Public street use to access the Minit Market?
Is the posted signage on SaddleBrooke Blvd at Desert Bluff incorrect? My understanding was that SaddleBrooke Blvd. from Oracle Road to Desert Bluff is considered a public road and therefore golf carts were not allowed unless they were licensed, but starting at the intersection of SaddleBrooke Blvd. and Desert Bluff it becomes pruvate roads within SaddleBrooke and golf carts could freely drive on SaddleBrooke Blvd. without being licensed.
Is Ridgeview Blvd. not considered also a private road within SaddleBrooke

10 months ago

Time for our HOA’s to work with Pinal County Sheriff’s office to use some of our taxpayer dollars and have deputy’s stake out Ridgeview and write some real tickets. Hitting people in the pocketbook for running stop signs seems to be the only thing to change behavior