SaddleBrooke Notes: Fitness and ILR Arab Spring

Fit Fest


From fitness classes, lap pools, fitness equipment, and personal training, you can start 2024 off with the goal of improving your health, movement, and fitness.

At the HOA1 or HOA2 fitness centers you will find as many as 35 classes on Tabata, Pilates, tai chi, a variety of yoga classes, TRX, cardio, posture, balance, and strength. Yoga classes include vinyasa yoga, hatha yoga, mobility through yoga, flow and restore yoga, yin yoga, and yoga for a healthy back.

Check out fitness activities at the January 20 Recreation and Activity Fair in the Mountain View ballroom starting at 8:00 AM. You can speak to trainers and class organizers to decide which activities you would like to pursue in 2024.

One of the new types of services you can try is Assisted Stretching performed by Abel Macias. He offers a free trial session. Reach him at 520-213-4889

Look for upcoming presentations in SaddleBrooke from Cardiologist Dr. Thomas Waggoner. He will be coming to speak February 1, 2024. More information to follow.


The Institute for Learning in Retirement presented Dr, Sandy Mc Nabb at the Desert View Theater, January 4th. On a cold, blustery day, about 15o hardy folks showed to learn more about the phenomena of the so-called “Arab Spring” which happened in 2010 across many Arab countries. McNabb happened to be living in Egypt at the time of Mubarak’s resignation and the election of Morsi in a free election. His reign lasted about 2 years and he was imprisoned in Scorpion Prison that would rival any medieval torture chamber. The army took back over as usually happens in the Arab world.

Unfortunately, McNabb’s presentation was marred by the vagaries of technology and people began to leave at the 45 minute mark. Next presentation, ILR would better serve its audience better if the speaker\presenter was freed of the task of trying to also run the laptop projection.

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