SaddleBrooke News Update for July 30th, 2023

VIA SBINSIDER| July 30th, 2023

Dogs on HOA2 Golf Paths?

The effort to get signatures on a petition to the HOA2 board allowing residents to walk their dogs, or ride in golf carts, on the cart paths during non-playing hours continues apace. As of this posting, 887 folks have taken action by adding their name to the petition. There are about For those who are interested in signing, here is the link

Social media postings seem to be running heavily in favor of allowing the change. However, HOA2 recently sent a document to review to residents with the current restriction still in effect. Time will tell.

HOA1 Board meeting 

The HOA1 Board spent the bulk of its meeting time discussing the process for selecting an outside firm to check on the financial reserves process. At present, HOA1 has about $11 million in reserves and its capital accounts-very healthy and meets the board approved Threshold amounts. Kudos to  Tom Simester and John Davis for the yeoman work. The selected firm will begin its review in November post Road Runner Grill upgrade, scheduled for October!

United ALC Committee Meetings

The ALC boards of SB1 and SB2 had a joint meeting to discuss ways to align the requirements and restrictions for residents between the two associations. This is a step in more tightly working across association lines to give resident a sense of one SaddleBrooke. One item discussed was water retention via resident reclaimed water policy.

Loma Serna Proposed Cell Tower

SBINSIDER was sent an email regarding the posting of last week. Click here to read the letter from Dave Forney, PR Chairman for the HOA. 

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Robert Bulakowski
Robert B
11 months ago

Developing common ALC guidelines is a good start to total cooperation. Now if the Rules & Regs can come into alignment our residents will surly benefit.

Sharon Walker
Sharon Walker
11 months ago

The HOA 1 ALC already has too much control over our landscaping. If you get two HOA’s working together on rules and regulations, the homeowners will not have any say in their landscaping.