SaddleBrooke HOA1, HOA2 updates-protect your home equity!

VIA SBINSIDER| April 5th, 2024

SBINSIDER has published previously about the growth of home owner title fraud. The scammers are growing despite more awareness. The easiest way to protect your home equity is to register with the County Recorder’s office.

The youtube video above this article has the step-by-step way to protect your property in Pinal County. Pinal started this process several years ago as the first county in Arizona to offer this FREE protection.

Many SaddleBrooke homeowners have heard or seen advertising for “home title lock” policies which proport to protect your home from being fraudulently conveyed to an unscrupulous 3rd party -potentially costing you thousands in equity and loss of your home. The cost of such policies run as high as $250 per year! 

The truth is’ this fraud is being tried because our legal system of recording documents allows anyone to file Quit Claims or other documents on your property. It is up to the you, the property owner, to protect your interests.

Some recordings may be legitimate for example liens from service providers such remodeler, chiropractors, etc. but this will keep people informed of non-consensual liens.
they can also register up to five deviations of your name, Doug, Douglas, etc.

Here is the link to sign up for free property notifications on the Recorder’s website:

HOA2 Assessment Vote

The vote still continues apace in HOA2 regarding the proposed option 3 for a special assessment, results are expected the end of April. If the chatter in social media is any indicator, the sentiment is running against its passage. Most residents would prefer a smaller assessment to pay-off the existing loan and then reconsider what if anything, to spend on golf course improvements and other capital projects.

HOA1 5 Year Plans

HOA1 has been chugging along despite some critics who posit that the board is not doing enough to maintain and enhance property values. Evidence of that was presented to the board, citing some of the data that is supplied to SBINSIDER readers by Lynn Slaten of Long realty revealing a 6% drop in the average sales price from last March.

HOA1 Patrol Truck Bumped

HOA1 has to make some repairs to their new patrol truck. The truck was parked and apparently another car or perhaps a golf cart bumped the rear-right quarter panel as you can see in the photo. Luckily, the flag was still there!

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Tim Gaule
Tim Gaule
1 month ago

The HOA2 voting period ends on April 30, so results won’t be available mid April.