SaddleBrooke Golf Cart Parade, Circus Brookius?

VIA SBINSIDER| December 24th, 2023

Continuing an 11 year SaddleBrooke HOA1 tradition, about 150 golf cart drivers bedecked their units with a variety of décor for a glorious XMAS rolling bacchanal. Staging began as usual at the golf course driving\putting range behind The Vistas dining area.

With the lineups set and dusk descending, these merry pranksters rolled through various streets in HOA, splitting into two armadas to reduce the length of the cavalcade. Along the routes, many well wishers greeted with shouts of joy and merriment as the libations flowed quite freely.

No accidents or arrests were reported as the SaddleBrooke Patrol kept the caravans in line and on track.

Updated Events to Include Cart Races?

Next year, a committee has been formed to consider adding golf cart races to the celebration. The ideas range from timed stages races roaming the various golf cart paths along the fairways similar to European road rally’s, to a Romanesque style chariot race using Ridgeview Blvd as the track.

The proposed Circus Brookius would be a number of laps around Ridgeview. This would necessitate closing Ridgeview for a time to other traffic. Other suggested names for the race are Fireball 500, The 20 minute Le Mans, and the Tour de Vino. The committee plans to generate an entire scheme and present it to the HOA1 Board in 2024 for possible addition to the current festivities.

Quoting several marginally inebriated cart drivers, they were very enthusiastic about adding a racing component. “Our UNIT1 team of drivers would kick the butts of all other competitors” they said, adding “we will lap those suckers before they get off the starting line.”

HOA1 board members and the SaddleBrooke Patrol were less that enthusiastic. “It could be fun, but we have to remember the age and capacity of our residents to race golf carts might be a challenge,” adding “insurance could be an issue.” ” I do not want to be accused of ageism but older drivers tend to overestimate their capabilities as we see in the frequency of cart accidents.”

An informal survey of residents yielded comments such as “Who is on this committee? They must be crazy” and “Racing golf carts in SaddleBrooke? This cannot be the work of three wise men.”

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