SaddleBrooke Uno update: Comcast, Health Fair, Walk for Kids RR Grill, Forum

VIA SBINSIDER| September 29th, 2023

Vivian Timian the General Manager for HOA1, hosted the monthly Coffee with GM last Friday. About 75 residents showed and several HOA1 board members. The items discussed were considered below:

Road Runner Grill upgrade nears the finish line

Mid-October looks to be the date range when the Road Runner Grill upgrade should be completed. The main wall that separated the dining area is gone and a new audio system has been installed. Some residents asked about the 200K contingency fund for the project and what has been spent from that fund. The HOA1 board meeting scheduled for September 28th may have answers.

Vivian remarked that the HOA1 clubhouse was built in 1987 and its age requires more money for maintenance and that for overall budgeting purposes, 58% of the costs are allocated to labor.

Health Fair October 14th

The popular health fair that brings health care providers face-to-face with SaddleBrooke residents. This unique and much needed event now has 20 year track record beginning in October of 1998. The providers will be providing free screenings for possible health issues. Also, representatives from local senior\assisted living facilities will be on hand.  This year there will not be  shuttle bus between event sites.

Walk for Kids October 28th

The 25th Walk for Kids event provides money to school children in the copper corridor along Hwy 77. This 100 mile corridor includes more than three counties, eight school districts, Head Start programs and approximately 4,000 youngsters. The participants are asked to walk the Ridgeview circle of a bit over 3 miles (45 minutes) and the cost to participate is $30. There is an alternative walk which is about a mile. Each donor gets a T-shirt and start time is 9AM with the starting point the HOA1 clubhouse parking area.

Click this link to signup here 


According to Ms. Timian the Comcast project should wrap in February 2024. While the angst and delays are familiar to residents, October 15th is the deadline for Comcast to effect all repairs.

Soda Machine at the Golf Course

A resident golfer reminded Vivian that the soda machine at the golf center has been broken for at least 6 months. Staff was directed to fix this.


Monday, October 16th at 2:00pm

Change of Venue – Vermilion Room

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