Road Work Update from Pinal County

VIA SBINSIDER | April 20th , 2024

At the coffee meeting with GM Vivian Timian stated that she was going to check in with Pinal County as to the status of road upgrades\repair on SaddleBrooke Blvd. SBINSIDER contact Joe Ortiz at Pinal County, who is in charge of roads in his role as Development Services Manager.

His response is as follows:

Phase 1: SaddleBrooke Blvd from Border Dr to 1500′ West of Catalina Hills Dr. Will be a mill and fill of 2.5” AC on all 5 roadway lanes. I also added push pedestrian crosswalks. Work will begin in the middle of May 2024.
Phase 2: SaddleBrooke Blvd from 1500′ West of Catalina Hills Dr. to Hwy 77 will be a profile mill and 1.5” overlay. With this phase, we will add bike lanes on each side of SaddleBrooke Blvd from Hwy 77 to the existing bike lane East. Work will start after July 1st, 2024
Phase 3: Eagle Crest Blvd from SaddleBrooke Blvd to Hwy 77 will be a mill and fill of 2.5” of AC of all 4 lanes. with fixing Sewer manholes and water valve adjustment. With this phase, we will be adding additional bullnose marking and signage. Work will start after completion of SaddleBrooke Blvd.
With all 3 phases, roadway markings will consist of 60 mil thermal and adding RPM markers the entire length of the roads. Also, new diamond-grade signs will be replaced for better retro reflectivity.
RPM example
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